Solo Works

Solo Works

東京コンチェルト Tokyo Concerto (1993) for piano
7 minutes
[WP] (pno)Hiroaki Ooi, 1993.7.4 Enokizaka Studio [Tokyo]
Commissioned by Hiroaki Ooi

フォールマ Forma (1996) for piano
4 minutes
[WP] (pno)Yoshiko Shibuya, 1996.11.21 Aeolian Hall [Tokyo]
Won the prize of the 13th competition of Japanese Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM Japanese section)
Published by Japan Federation of Composers, Tokyo (JFC-9614)

《目覚めよ、と呼ぶ声あり》BWV140より from ‘Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme’ BWV140 (1998) for steel drum
2 minutes
[WP] (steel drum)Yoshiko Kanda, 2000.9.29 recital hall, Sumida Triphony [Tokyo]

スカボロー・フェア Scaborough Fair (1999) for trumpet and cheap tape recorder
3 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 1999.8.5 middle hall, Niihama Bunka Center [Niihama]
Commissioned by Kiyonori Sokabe

《バルラーテ》弱音器を伴うトランペット・ソロのためのエチュード集 “Parlate” Etudes for trumpet solo with mutes (1999-)
パルラータ I Parlata I (1999) for trumpet solo with plunger mute
2.5 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 1999.9.26 Winds Gallery [Tokyo]
パルラータ II Parlata II (1999) for trumpet solo with solotone mute
3 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 1999.8.5 middle hall, Niihama Bunka Center [Niihama]
パルラータ III Parlata III (1999) for trumpet solo with buzz mute
3 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 1999.8.5 middle hall, Niihama Bunka Center [Niihama]
パルラータ IV Parlata IV (2010) for trumpet solo with wha-wha mute
1 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 2010.8.28 Blue Rose, Suntry Hall [Tokyo]
パルラータ V Parlata V (2012) for trumpet solo with mellow-wha mute
1.5 minutes
[WP] (tp)Kiyonori Sokabe, 2012.12.22 Salon Dolce Shinjuku [Tokyo]

中継のサクソフォン Saxophone the Relay (1999) for amplified alto-saxophone
6 minutes
[WP] (alt-sax)Takashi Saito, 1999.11.1 small hall, Minato Mirai [Yokohama]
Commissioned by Takash Saito

月の役割 Pars lunae (1999) for piano
8 minutes
[WP] (pno)Kazue Nakamura, 2000.9.29 recital hall, Sumida Triphony [Tokyo]
Commissioned by Kazue Nakamura
Published by M.A.P. Editions, Milano (MA 0010085)

テレプシコーレ舞踏者 Saltatrix e Terpsichore (2000) for piano
7.5 minutes
[WP] (pno)Satoko Inoue, 2001.2.17 Vario hall [Tokyo]
Commissioned by Satoko Inoue
Published by M.A.P. Editions, Milano (MA 0010086)

まつもるふぉしす Matsumorphosis (2001) for violin
1 minutes
[WP] (vln)Yukiko Yamaguchi, 2001.7.2 Bluce Alley Japan [Tokyo]

足の起源 I Oligo Pedum I (2002) for piano
4 minutes
[WP] (pno)Kazue Nakamura, 2002.7.20 Mon-naka Tenjo Hall [Tokyo]

半島 Peninsula (2003) for percussion
7.5 minutes
[WP] (perc)Yoshiko Kanda, 2003.12.2 Tsutsuji hall, Hokutopia [Tokyo]

足の起源 II Oligo Pedum II (2004) for piano
3.5 minutes
[WP] (pno)Kazue Nakamura, 2004.7.25 Mon-naka Tenjo Hall [Tokyo]

ハウス・カスヤのための音楽 Musique pour Haus Kasuya (2005) for piano
2 minutes
[WP] (pno)Kazue Nakamura, 2005.4.23 Museum Haus Kasuya [Yokosuka]

ギンコビロバ Ginkgo biloba (2008) for Euphonium
7.5 minutes
[WP] (euph)Kana Kotera, 2008.10.3 small hall, Morioka Civic Cultural Hall [Morioka]
Commissioned by Kana Kotera
Published by M.A.P. Editions, Milano (MA 0010088)

東京舞曲 Tokyo Dance (2010) for piano
6.5 minutes
[WP] (pno)Hiroaki Ooi, 2010.10.16 Monnaka Tenjo Hall [Tokyo]
Commissioned by Hiroaki Ooi

ガラスの中で In Vitro (2010) for piano
9.5 minutes
[WP] (pno)Kazue Nakamura, 2011.3.28 small hall, Suginami Koukaidou [Tokyo]

紐育舞曲への前奏曲 Prelude to the New York Dance (2015) for piano
2 minutes
[WP] (p)Kumi Uchimoto, 2016.7.23 MEGI HOUSE [Takamatsu]

Commissioned by Kumi Uchimoto

ヘミオラ・スリップ Hemiola Slip (2016) for toy piano
3 minutes
[WP] (toy-p)Kazue Nakamura, 2016.5.14 Studio Haru [Nagoya]
Commissioned by Kazue Nakamura

延ばされた円舞者 Extended Waltzer (2017) for alto saxophone
8.5 minutes
[WP] (a-sax)Kazuya Kato, 2017.9.2 Nakagawa Bunka Shogekijo [Nagoya]
Commissioned by Kazuya Kato

延ばされた円舞者 Extended Waltzer (2018) for bass-clarinet
8.5 minutes