NewYork Dance (2016) for piccolo, bass clarinet, flugelhorn, violin and piano
Dictum Factum for euphonium and orchestra (2019-20/21)
À la recherche du texte perdu IV for female choir (2016)
À la recherche du texte perdu III for mixed choir (2014)
Contour-ism V for flute and piano (2014)
Strait for flute, violin, violoncello and piano (2005)
Contour-ism IV for flute, violin and piano (2013)
A Paragraph from “D’ung aulter amer” for clarinet and piano (2008)
Marcia alla Turca for piano four hands (2011)

Eine Zeit des Schicksals for mixed choir and oboe (option) (2008)

Lamina for guitar solo (2018)
Tokyo Dance for 5 instruments (2013)
Fratelli Vivaldi for 14 instruments (2012)
À la recherche du texte perdu II for soprano and piano (2013)
Contour-ism mini for violin and piano (2012)
Ricordi for cornet, violin, viola and violoncello (2011)
On the Seashore for Soprano, Harp, Euphonium and Muted Piano (2009)
Wood Wind Trio for flute, clarinet and slide whistle (2009)
Ginkgo biloba for euphonium solo (2008)
Ipomoea alba for euphonium and piano (2009)
Contour-ism I for tuba and piano (2010)
Schubert’s Super Famous Songs for tuba and piano (2010)
Imaginative Landscape mono-opera without accompaniment (2000)
Canon of Relativity for prepared piano (2020)
Saltatrix e Terpsichore for piano (2000)
Cross Lamina for two guitars (2022)