BabelScores (Paris)  [Updated!]

  • 楔を打てど、霧は晴れず The Wedge is Struck, the Fog Remains for clarinet and piano
  • 紐育舞曲への前奏曲 Prelude to the New York Dance for piano
  • 私に触れてはいけません Noli me tangere for saxophone and nine instruments
  • イポメア・アルバ Ipomoea alba for euphonium and piano
  • 接触対位法 Contrappunto da Contatto for piano and twelve instruments
  • 輪郭主義I Contour-ism I for tuba and piano
  • 輪郭主義IV Contour-ism IV for flute, violin and piano
  • 輪郭主義V Contour-ism V for flute and piano
  • 輪郭主義VI Contour-ism VI for violin, violoncello and piano
  • 輪郭主義VII Contour-ism VII for clarinet, bass clarinet and piano
  • 異教的な夜 Paganish Night for four Violas
  • 葉理 Lamina for guitar

M.A.P. Editions (Milano)

  • Eve I Eve I for string quartet (MA 0010084)
  • 輪郭主義・ミニ Contour-ism mini for violin and piano (MA 0010089)
  • 輪郭主義III Contour-ism III for trombone and piano (MA 0040010)
  • 土耳古行進曲 Marcia alla turca for piano 4 hands (MA 0010184)
  • 彼方と此方 Ultro citroque for violin, cello and piano (MA 0010087)
  • テレプシコーレ舞踏者 Saltatrix e Terpsichore for piano (MA 0010086)
  • 月の役割 Pars lunae for piano (MA 0010085)
  • ギンコビロバ Ginkgo biloba for euphonium (MA 0010088)

SonicArts (Tokyo)

  • オルタネーション Alternation for euphonium and piano